About Us

The Tuscany Community Garden steering committee started working together in spring 2009 as the Tuscany Green Team, a group of individuals interested in ‘greening’ Tuscany and getting more involved in their community. A community meeting was held in February 2010 to determine if there was enough interest to move forward with a community garden.

The garden has been in operation since 2011, and currently has 38 plots available, with room for expansion. We have also planted decorative perennial beds and fruit trees.


To construct and maintain a community garden in Tuscany that allows neighbours to grow together to reduce our impact on the environment, help educate our children about where food comes from and further enhance a sense of community in Tuscany.


 By growing together, we improve our connection to the natural environment and one another.  The community garden demonstrates the core values of the group:

1.         Environmental Conscientiousness (sustainability/green)

2.         Community (Family, Socializing, Welcoming Spirit)

3.         Education (Share Knowledge, Personal Growth, Gaining New Skills)

4.         Social Conscientiousness (Donation/outreach)

5.         Healthy Lifestyle (local eating/eating with the season)

6.         Greening of Community/Beautification

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